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earthquake was detected in and around the test site. the u.s. geological survey measured magnitude 4.9, considerably more powerful than previous tests. leaders have condemned it. and there are protests in south korea. they have the north korean flag and pictures of the leader of north korea, kim john thune. >> this remote mountain range in northern north korea for weeks has been under scrutiny. on tuesday the wait was over. pyeongchang said it carried out a test of a miniaturized nuclear weapons in a tunnel. this nuclear tests, unlike the previous one, was safely and perfect conducted at a high level by using a smaller and lighter nuclear armed with high explosive part. >> that claim marks a change about north korea's nuclear program. for years the governments here and in the u.s. have said north korea was some way of having a miniaturize device suitable for use on top of a missile. at least, this test brings that prospect closer. despite last year's successful rocket launch, north korea has yet to develop ballistic missile that could strike the u.s. that the country it says its nucl
program. obama finally gets his man. the u.s. senate confirms chuck hagel. what increased demand for cocoanuts has failed to bear fruit for indonesia as farmers. pope benedict xvi is making his final appearance in st. peter's square as the roman catholic pope -- his final appearance in at st. peter's square. he is the first pope in 600 years to resign. >> in these recent months, i felt my weakening strength. i prayed and asked for in light meant to make the right decision for the good of the church. >> barbara, amid the huge outpouring of affection from the faithful gathered there. >> absolutely. a lot of people have turned out to say goodbye to pope benedict xvi. 50,000 tickets were sold. it is more likely that there are about 150,000 people around the vatican and the main road that leads to it. people are still walking towards st. peter's square, but they're being redirected to other parts around the square where there are big screens where they can watch the pope. nothing compared to the figures of the people we saw for the funeral of john paul back in 2005. that was a funeral
. he has been given the responsibility of winding down the u.s.'s longest war. he took command from a general john allen in the afghan capital city -- in the afghan city of kabul. >> today is not about change, it's about continuity. what has not changed is the will of this coalition. what has not changed is our commitment to accomplish the mission. more and courtly, what has not changed is the inevitability of our success. >> is facing some tough challenges, among them, republicans to question whether he's the right man for the job. >> with the u.s. looking forward to december, 2014 as the day u.s. combat forces are expected to leave afghanistan for good, a marine corps general is guarding his term as the last general to run the war in that country. >> i understand is much work to be dead and the challenges will be many. >> he lead a regiment of some 6000 troops into iraq in 2003 and spent much of his career at the pentagon, calling some to question his battlefield credentials. >> how much personal time have you had in afghanistan? >> senator, i have not served on assignment in afgh
mountain cabin in the u.s., the latest twist in the hunt for a former police officer accused of murder. pope benedict xvi has given his first weekly general audience since he shocked the world by becoming the first pontiff in six centuries to step down. he received a long standing ovation as he made its way into the audience hall at the vatican? . later he will preside over an ash wednesday mass. will go to our correspondent at the vatican. he said that he is stepping down for the good of the church. >> absolutely. the pope went straight into it. his first words were that he has taken the decision in full freedom and for the good of the church. he went on explaining that he understood the gravity of the moment. then he came to the realization that he did not have the spiritual or the material's strength to carry out his ministry. it was a standing ovation for the pope. it was a very festive atmosphere in the auditorium. 8000 people were there singing before he arrived. there was music. the vatican also want to show this is not a dramatic moments, this is a difficult moment for the chur
. >> there's a joint military exercise of thailand. the u.s., south korea, japan, indonesia, and malaysia are taking part in the drill. myanmar is taking part in this first joint military drill in thailand but only as an observer. the exercise is aimed at enhancing cooperation between the u.s. and regional allies. our weather forecast next on a al jazeera. still to come, a war on the oscar pistorius story. we will be going live to pretoria for the story. -- more on the oscar pistorius case. >> hello and welcome back. across europe, we have a big area of low pressure that you can see in madrid. another area of low pressure giving significant snowfall. that continues to push east, giving snow to austria. mild weather moving across the u.k. not looking at in the iberian peninsula. weather conditions are generally try and find. to the east, an area of low pressure around the black sea. moving into northern parts of africa, there is a cool breeze coming across the mediterranean. in benghazi, temperatures nothing special. warming up considerably. in khartoum, looking at 37 degrees. in central a
attack on apple comes within hours of a report by u.s. company -- by a u.s. company that points out -- points a finger at china. this is allegedly the building in shanghai that is believed to be at the center of the global hacking operation. the office is said to be occupied by a chinese military unit. the chinese government denies the accusations. experts say hacking is a way of gaining an advantage over countries that the chinese art keen to try -- are keen to try to outsmart. >> stealing valuable intellectual property, having some financial, proprietary information -- , in lash out politically some instances. >> the real worry is that the hackers turn your attention to delicate infrastructure, like oil refineries and power stations. online corporate security will need to be beefed-up even further if company files and customer safety are to be preserved. china's incoming president is promising to make the fight against corruption a centerpiece of his office. says moreng -- xi than 100,000 officials were caught out last year. 60 of those cases were at a senior level. the highest be
importantly, what has not changed is the inevitability of our success. >> the u.s. commander in afghanistan faces tough challenges. among them, republicans questioning whether he is the right man for the job. >> with the u.s. looking forward to december 31st, 2014, the day combat forces are leaving afghanistan for good, marine corps general dunford will probably be the last to run it. you lead a regiment of 6000 troops into iraq in 2003 and but he spent much of his year -- career in the pentagon. >> a much personal time have you had in afghanistan? >> i have not served an assignment in afghanistan. >> dunford will have to manage the politics in washington and kabul when it comes to recommending how quickly forces should withdraw. >> i look at the strength of the enemy, the capabilities of the afghans security forces. >> president obama has not decided how many will stay in the country or, for that matter, what they will be doing. once the decision has been made, it will be up to general dunford to make sure the plan works and the work of the last 12 years is not undone. >> iran is marking t
. for those inside syria that's been their daily reality for almost two years. >> the u.s. government has grounded its entire fleet of new f-35 fighter planes. a cracked blade was found in one of the jet's engines. the joint strike fighter is the pentagon's most expensive project. >> the f-35 is the centerpiece of the pentagon's biggest weapons replacement program jsf, joint strike fighter. now, for the second time in two months, all 51 radar evading jets have been grounded. a routine inspection revealed a crack on a turbine blade in the jet engine of an f-35 test arkte. the $396 billion program relies on help from eight other countries to fund development. >> there have been a host of problems with the f-35, everything from pilot's helmets displays to air frame issues. when we start talking about power plants or the engine blades, the things of that nature, that's really quite serious and that's almost in a different category, because then you're talking about the very likely potential of catastrophic engine failure in flight. >> the u.s. defense department describes the grounding as pre
in october. hillary clinton has made her final public appearance as the u.s. secretary of state. she highlighted the global challenges of the next four years and hinted at what she will do when she leaves office. >> madame secretary. >> after 1 million kilometers, one under 12 countries, her last public event reflected on four years of change. -- 112 countries. >> more countries than ever have a voice in the global debate. what paths to power are opening up as nations gain and flustered the strength of their economies rather than military. -- gain influence and strength. this is influencing non-state actors like terrorist networks. >> the u.s. was engaged in two wars in iraq and afghanistan. the troops are out of by iraq and the afghanistan pullback has begun. she says if there is an obama- clinton doctrine, it is about building alliances and finding partners. >> we have to be smart about how we use our power. not because we have less of it. indeed, the might of our military, the size of our economy, the influence upon diplomacy remained unrivaled. it is because since, as the world h
killed in air strikes by unmanned u.s. drones. turkish leftish group dhkpc has claimed responsibility for a bomb attack on the u.s. embassy. the turkish interior ministry says the man entered the country from germany using fake i.d. the u.s. government has advised americans to stay away from diplomatic offices in turkey. egypt's interior ministry vowed to investigate the beating of a protestor on saturday that caused outrage after caught on camera and broadcast live but assurances from the government have done nothing to quell anger. erica wood has more. >> cairo's tahrir square and aftermath of friday's angry demonstrations here and outside of the presidential palace. but it's a security force's actions to stop the protests which have shocked egyptians. a 23-year-old was killed and caught on live television, a man stripped naked, beaten by security forces before bundled into a van. >> i can't bear seeing something like that. how can someone drag someone on the ground like that? this man is a protestors like us. this is unfair. we are in egypt. this should not be happening, enough! to
, the u.s. investing millions of dollars into a new center designed to improve batteries that power iphones to from eye phon electric cars. they've made a breakthrough in green technology that could turn a trash to cash. >> from a grocery store to garbage dump, there is a global glut of plastic bags. 100 billion are discarded each year in the u.s. alone, just 13 percent are recycled and the rustling on lawns and in landfills for centuries. craig reddix hundreds of years to degrade. >> they want to end all that. the scientists at this laboratory have found a way to turn the bags into batteries. >> there are many benefits. a very important product. >> in the past, this were not able to mix different kinds of plastics, and he found a way around that. the cuts the bags up and stuffed them into a metal tube, as the catalyst, and he'd sit to 700 degrees celsius. then in a few hours he has a black powder and then carbon, it sells for more than gold. in a few minutes each and converted into this watch battery. all the green technology in the world does not do any good unless people use it.
. on saturday joe biden, the u.s. president, spoke at a conference here and told the iranians directly in a speech that time was running out for diplomacy talks on the nuclear program and urged them to come back and offered face-to-face talks with iran. on sunday the foreign minister spoke and said the that that offer had been positively received, that iran had no bread lines, provided that the other side gave a fair and realistic intention to resolve the matter, something he said that had been lacking in the past. >> live in munich, jonah, thank you. a look at iraq, 30 people have been killed in an attack on the northern security compound. a suicide attack in the regional capital, kirkuk, police say that they were killed in a firefight. jane has this update. >> police have evacuated the governor's office and the council of ministers, as well as a united nations office close to the headquarters. the attack on the headquarters started with a suicide car bomber detonating the car at the gate of the headquarters. that was followed by a gunman wearing suicide vests, trying to storm the bui
of syria has accused israel of trying to stabilize its country. the warning comes as new u.s. figures show the number of serious refugees rose by more than 25% last month. the president told state television the military is ready to confront any act of aggression by israel. this follows an air strike outside the capital of damascus on wednesday with the government has blamed on israel. the promise came as he met the head of a rob's and national security council. the theory of conflict has dominated high level talks at a security conference in germany. the defense minister of israel appears to confirm speculation that israeli forces were behind wednesday's attack near damascus. >> alongside apparent diplomatic progress on syria, there were reminders about how easily the conflict could spread. the defense minister of israel spoke of the imminent fall of bashar al-assad, and gave his response to reports that israeli jets bombed targets inside syria. >> i cannot say anything about what happened in syria several days ago, but they keep telling us that frankly that we said when we face some thin
disturbed by it. it came during hagel hearings and was politically calibrated to get the support of the u.s. senate. what can a president say? he is not going to denounce israel now? i am very suspicious of the motives of the attack. >> israel maintained the lorries they were attacking carried game changing weapons. does that make it all right? is anyone likely to criticize israel for taking this position? >> there is a lot of criticism from the middle east, and that can be expected. we have only israel's word to go on. i have seen no independent evidence to confirm what they claimed. i am sure from their perspective these surface air missiles they said they were interdicting might be a game changer, but they are only a game changer if israel is planning an attack on has the law or lebanon or further attacks on syria. -- on hezbollah or lebanon or further attacks on syria. >> he does not want another front, does he? >> i am not sure he has enough to strike back with. certainly under international law he would be in his legitimate rights to strike back. i do not think of is going to happen.
detention. standard and poor's is being sued by the u.s. government. some say that it is about time. abuse and injustice, the scandal of false adoption for unmarried mothers in ireland. the president of iran has arrived in cairo. it is the first time an iranian head of government has visited egypt since the iranian revolution in 1959. he got a grand reception but back home he has been dealt a big blow. one of his closest allies has been arrested. thought to be the latest in the approach between the president and his approach -- his opponent. more from cairo in a moment. >> the judiciary has not yet said what they have arrested him. one official report said that he was arrested for illegal possession of government property as the head of the social security network. ahmadinejad promoted him cheat -- two years after he was suspended as the prosecutor general. he is charged with the torture and death of protesters following the 2009 election. that prison has since been closed. back in 2003 he was in the custody of a canadian irani and. i will point out that he has never been charged for that.
was prompted by the u.s.-u.k. who promised more aid. the coalition previously refused to attend in protest for what it called a world silence over the conflict. the syrian government would not be in wrong but it did say on monday it would negotiate with any group, including armed rebels. the u.s. secretary of state is now in germany on the latest leg of his first international tour. syria is likely to be high on the agenda. john kerry is due to meet with german chancellor angela merkel and later russian foreign master sergei lavrov. sergei lavrov earlier criticized the opposition in syria for refusing to talk to the government. >> we have noticed the need to influence both of the government and, first of all, the opposition to persuade them to not come up with unrealistic request and preconditions with the start of dialogue. it seems extreme is to bet on the military solution to syria -- syria's problems have up till now dominated the ranks of the opposition, including the so- called syrian national coalition get it, six world powers are expected to offer iran new incentives to give up its
and for all. >> secretary of state of the u.s. said that u.s. interests are threatened at home and abroad by lack of assistance. >> in these days of a looming budget sequester that everyone actually wants to avoid februarh february 24. ♪ >> hello again. top stories on al jazeera, at least four explosions in damascus. one after blast targeted the headquarters of the russian embassy. activists say that more than 30 people have been killed. hilton botha -- oscar pistorius has appeared in court for the third day of the bail hearing. prosecutors have been dealt a blow after mistakes were remitted to have been made of the crime scene and the lead investigator himself is facing murder charges. the bulgarian parliament is expected to accept the resignation. despite the entire administration admission to step down. human rights watch is blaming the government of former mexican president. a report says that many went missing while in the custody of security forces. >> this is the face of the disappeared. >> my husband did not go missing. he has been banished. no one knows anything, no one gives u
exercise with the u.s. navy. the drills are being conducted off of south korea's east coast. we have more from seoul. it is an exercise that has been months in the planning. -- >> it is an exercise that has been months in the planning. a third nuclear test could lead the us and south korea to plan for a preemptive strike against the north in the future to prevent a nuclear missile launch. >> the us will have a nuclear submarine around the korean coast. the nuclear power can be deployed to korea. if the us and korea want, they will pre-empt, attack preemptively any time. >> they released footage of the president being briefed by security staff. >> north korea should pay the price for its provocation. we will recommend sanctions with practical effect. >> what was interesting was the wording, an explicit promise to carry out direct actions against north korea as part of the sanctions, a little more than a week after north korea said it would take strong, physical countermeasures against the south if it did so. it is very publicly responding to that challenge. from beijing, north korea's trad
and u.s. forces drove them out in 2005 but it has as have other places in iraq, been increasingly violent. north of baghdad on saturday, a senior judge was reported killed by a sticky bomb attached to his car. assassinations have also been increasing assassinations of judges lawyers intelligence officials and interior ministry officials, all of that against a backdrop of political turmoil that has many iraqis worried about what's coming next. >> in somalia, at least one person has been killed by a car bomb outside of a beachfront restaurant. police said the bomb in mogadishu was put off by remote control. a journalanist sri lanka will undergo surgery after being shot in a midnight attack in his home. at least three gunman stormed his house in the suburb on friday. doctors say they need to remove a bullet from his neck. critics of the government say political violence against the media has gone unchecked. the prime minister of bangladesh has indicated she'd support a ban on the country's largest islamic political part
. in to what he is saying. >> [speaking latin] >> st. peter's square, thousands of people in the u.s. are demanding a senior clergymen pull out of the forthcoming papal conclave, the meeting to decide who will be the next pope. cardinal mahony was the archbishop of los angeles with a series of child sex abuse -- sex abuse scandals took place. he is accused of covering them up. a group of priests in the u.k. is attempting to stop keith o'brien from participating in the conclave, for he is accused of having participated in an inappropriate acts going back some 33 years. going live to st. peter's square, paul is there for us. we can see the faithful have turned up for these vital papal prayers. >> 50,000 people flocking to the square, this week at think the official estimate is somewhere close to that 100, 150,000 people. the numbers are not just the devout and the faithful, but also the tourists and opportunists who realize the historic nature that this is the pope's final blessing here at st. peter's in rome before he steps down this week. the content is due to be a very brief one. he
. on the sidelines of european union talks with turkish leaders, the new u.s. secretary of state heads to russia on tuesday. he is also due to meet the opposition later in rome. palestinians in the occupied west bank are burying a man who died in jail over the weekend. they say that he died of a heart attack. palestinian authorities say that the autopsy report shows that he was tortured. nicole johnson is there in the west bank. people are pretty angry about what has happened, safe to say? >> that is right. earlier as the body was passing through the city it was viewed by the family. there were thousands of people on the streets showing their support and solidarity with the family. they expressed their anger over his death inside an israeli prison. people were not surprised to hear the palestinian authorities come to the conclusion that he had died not from natural causes. they had rejected the israeli version of the events. some clashes have been reported in areas between palestinian demonstrators and the israeli army. there have not been any huge rallies or violent protests today. nothing was
year and now the government says they have sold the oil blocks to raise $1 million u.s.. there are concerns they sold their future prosperity in exchange for short-term survival. al-jazeera, south sudan. >> ecuador heading to the polls for the first round of presidential elections. opinion polls predict an easy reelection. soldiers have been a disturbing collection of materials and helping to set up polling stations. he is a popular president and he has in the parading of nearly 85%. according to the polls there, the conservative leader has a 15 point lead over his closest rival. he is not predicted to win an outright majority which could lead to a runoff next week. the fifth member of the eurozone has requested a bailout. kosovo is celebrating by years of independence. they're still frustrated by the slow pace of economic reform. paul brennan has the report now from their capital. >> today, it is her fifth birthday. her parents are as proud as any would be. it is not just any little girl. back in 2008, she became the first child to be born in the independent kosovo. th
of companies that are complicit with one anoer in utterly controling a market. the 5 majors broke the u.s. up into 5 geographical parts. loews, the parent company of mgm and rko, had new york city and parts of the east. paramount had the midwest and the south. fox had the far west. and so they would trade amongst each other. the studio might only be a few hundred acres in l.a., but if you own 1500 movie theatres, thatat's a h--- of a lot of real estate. paramount would have the best locations in chicago. the best locations in detroit. the best locations in new orleans. the best locations in memphis. warner brothers did not own as many first-run theatres in major metropolitan areas as paramount. (thomas schatz) and since those major metropolitan theatres for paramount generated much of its capital, it made more sophisticated, its product was more slick, more sophisticated than warners. warners was emphasizing more of a midwestern and rural and smaller urban clientele. this affects the kind of movies that the companies made. (actor) i had an original story kicking around paramount. my agent tol
. and david beckham make long-awaited debut. >> afghanistan's president has given u.s. forces to two weeks from wra from the central polished. they they work with the established troops. and the way -- [speaking foreign language] >> the armed forces of the atlantic republican of afghanistan is obliged to get all these other goups. go in the -- and to bring to justice in order to save lives the property or my province. on the presence of foreign troops there there has been fights against taliban. after 20 years of fighting the republic of congo have moved to peace. they will try to end the conflict. we have this report from goma in eastern congo. >> for decades regional meddling has let to complex. neighbors states, desperate to ben it from its fast natural resources. this is supposed to see an end to that. they have agreed to reform government institutions as well as the army and police. >> we vigorously commit ourselves. you need to represent our obligations. and we wish that all the signatures do the same. so the framework is too vague. it is not clear how much power bodies like the u.n.
workers began receiving a higher salary of around 200 u.s. dollars per month. still not enough to afford proper housing. others have yet to receive a raise because employers are still negotiating with the government, like these metal workers. >> we need a proper life. that's impossible when the minimum wage does not go up. even before the way it was being paid, the price for everything has gone up already. >> despite complaints from employers, labor unions say that minimum-wage in china and vietnam is still higher. they do admit that productivity of indonesian workers should be increased. >> we don't want people to lose their jobs because of high minimum wages. what we do want is openness and accountability so that if a company cannot afford to pay the minimum wage, it should provide evidence. >> employee organizations have borne that more than a half million workers could lose their jobs due to the higher minimum wages. more than 800 factories could close down. so far, this maker of children's clothing is one of the first to pack up and leave. the workers are back here at the palace aft
in a sophisticated attack. no data was taken and the problem has been corrected. u.s. president barack obama has called on congress to pass stricter gun regulations. he was speaking during a visit to his home city of chicago. many feel his plans might not make a difference to the growth in the gun crimes. >> there were 20 shot heard over there. >> what president obama came home to. >> about every couple of days, at i hear about a gun for sale. nothing to do what they done sor -- gun store. they're still on the streets. >> 506 people were killed in chicago last year. " this is the third or fourth shooting of the block. >> more americans that have died during afghanistan the same time. she has lost all four of her children to gun violence. >> i never imagined i would lose all of my children. i did the best i could. >> most are young, black, and trapped in the poverty. >> this is not for real. i will not even acknowledge that statement. but she gathered 50,000 signatures on petitions urging the president to visit and address the war in his city's streets. on friday, and he did just that. >> the exp
they are billing as "the largest current rally in u.s. history." they want president obama to do more to protect the environment. alan fisher is there. make it toeople will the national mall to protest against climate change. they say the warning signs are already there. hurricanes and the teaching everyone the problems ahead for the united states. what brings you here on a very cold day to the national mall? >> i have children. i worry about their future. i'm not about climate change for 30 years because my husband is a scientist. other than not eating meat and riding a bicycle, what can we possibly do? i was compelled to become a political activist about two years ago a and he is here with me today to be part of the crowd to help get obama energized to bring change, even if congress will not. the best way to change the climate is with a carbon tax. >> many people say here barack obama has done a reasonable job and it comes to confronting climate change but he could be doing more. faugh and won him to stop pushing off from behind to do more to alter the course of america and the world -- they w
is this the pot calling the kettle black. certainly the u.s. have their own organization called cyber command. most other developed nations have some cyber capability when it comes to offensive and defensive activities. i would be amazed if they did not have separate ability when it comes to espionage. s in bonds has always been responsible for cutting edge technology. has always been responsible for cutting edge technology. we should not be surprised to this day and age. ck thank you very much, ri ferguson, in warsaw. supporters of the venezuelan presidents have been welcoming hugo chavez back to the country. he spent two months in cuba receiving treatment for cancer. he's now at a military hospital in venice will oppose the capital. capital.ezuela's some are questioning his ability to lead the country. >> and the news spread that hugo chavez is finally back in venezuela, his supporters poured into the streets to celebrate. but this was no triumphant comeback. instead he arrived under the cover of darkness, announcing his return via twitter. "we have arrived back in the land of venezuela. th
and everyone fighting to find a compensation for them. u.s. and brought the disease, they cannot say they will not compensate. we have to send them home. >> this was a bombshell announcement. no aid admitting responsibility, no apology, and no money either. al-jazeera at the united nations. >> staying in haiti, a judge is demanding the former president be brought to court to determine whether he should face human rights abuse rights. he failed to attend a hearing on thursday. he stands accused of ordering militias to killing and torture political prisoners between 1971 and 1986. the rebels who took control of part of northern mali are back. there were recently driven out by molly and french troops, but they are now making good on their threat to launch a fresh attacks after 20 rebels were killed in fighting thursday. it protests taking place in bangladesh. at least one death reported. some are calling for the death penalty for war criminals. they told a special correspondent in bangladesh that it would not stop until all 10 accused have the death penalty. the russian imprimis turkoma
has ordered all u.s. special forces to leave the eastern province within two weeks. he accused them of fueling insecurity in the reason. the decision was taken because of allegations that afghans working with the troops are torturing and abusing other afghans. suicide bombers have targeted afghanistan's intelligence agency and other forces in for coordinated attacks. the worst attack killed two intelligence agents it police shot and killed. the taliban is claiming responsibility for all four. it has emerged that oscar pistorius' older brother himself is facing a homicide charge. oscar pistorius free on bail on friday after the shooting of his girlfriend's on valentine's day. leaders of 11 african countries have signed a peace deal to end nearly 20 years of fighting and a democratic republic of congo. they pledged to stop interfering in congolese affairs. m22 rebel group is not a part of the agreement. while the scale of the conflict is truly staggering, with an 5 million people have died since 1998. many during what was described as africa's world war. more than 2 million people are
:] and you know, this is a whole another theme that we're going to look at but it's so true. i took my u.s. history course from the last die-hard university of california berkeley marxist. i mean, everything was economics. we went through the whole thing and the only thing that moved anything was economics and we never heard about religion once in that course. you know how do you understand the united states and its history without touching on religion? and there are several reasons we'll get into on why that is. but, i think in many cases it's a misinterpretation of having [inaudible] in 1965 which attempted to remove religion from the public arena and we've raised-up a whole generation of secularized people. and the only thing i can say, you know, i hate to get me any kind of truth statements in here but we don't want to ever think religion doesn't matter. i mean, if there's anything you can get out of this class it's, hey, at least pay attention to it. you know, you can be a die-hard atheist or a secularized human, whatever, but you know, please pay attention to it. yes, paula. [paula:]
meditation is a traditional buddhist practice. hiking in the u.s. is a traditional practice. to hike mindfully in wilderness, paying attention to the breathing - so let's say you take four steps in, four steps out, breathing out, paying attention to the wind, the every leaf and petal, every sound of every bird, the feeling of the path under you, the pebbles, and so forth, hearing the sound of the stream all of that is opportunity to practice right mindfulness - being present and fully alert and aware. it is difficult to do that in an urban environment - it's of course possible. but being in nature, it's comfortable to do that, to be that alert to every single perturbation, every sound. and so i think there's a new form of buddhism evolving in the united states. we've got buddhism in america - here we are at zen buddhist center in san francisco. but is there such a thing as american buddhism? and i think there is growing to be such a thing as american buddhism, and it has to do with hiking in wilderness as a form of meditation practice. >> there's a hint there in what she says, about
. the argentinian -- the former u.s. open champion going one better than his performance last year. cricket and south africa have beaten pakistan by four wickets. he took nine wickets in a match. losing their last six wickets for 22 runs with south africa, then chasing down a victory target of 182 to win the match. the home side claimed victory by four wickets. australia has won their sixth winning the cricket world cup. in the final in mumbai. 259-7. perry also played football for australia. he took three wickets. it is the first time australia has held the world cup and ashes titles. these next pictures might come to a surprise for anyone who saw mike tyson bite a chunk out of a vendor hollifield's year during their fight back in 1997. he surprised his former enemy at a promotional event in chicago. they are good friends now. he will like tyson even more if his appearance helps sell his new brand of barbecue sauce. that is all your sport for now. more later. >> thanks very much. finally, the british prime minister david cameron is hoping to help top a new poll, the british music charts. i
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